Terms and Conditions

Last updated: September 2017


Complete payment of the required membership fee must be given upon registration. A card will be given to all members depending on the membership package chosen. The said card will only be valid for the period stated. The card will also be used to access various areas of the fitness gym. It could not access areas which you have not paid for.

Cancellation policy

We require 100% payment of the membership fees. No installation schemes are allowed. Cancellation is also not allowed prior to the expiry of the membership, but upgrade is allowed. The amount will be computed based on how much has been used.

Damages and other issues

We reserve the right to collect fines for damaged items upon use of the gym equipment.

Personal trainers

We have general personal trainers available at all given time. They can provide assistance in operating the equipment and in properly using them for exercise. However, if you want a personal trainer who will only work for you, it requires a separate payment. The amount depends on the chosen trainer and the number of hours requested.

Changes in terms

We can change the terms without prior notice. Feel free to leave if you are uncomfortable of this policy.

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