We offer various services at the gym. We want to make sure that you don’t just achieve your fitness goals but also feel relaxed while you are at the gym

Fitness Equipment

We have different fitness equipment available for you. From the basic cardio exercises like elliptical and treadmill to the more intense equipment, we have them at the fitness gym. We also offer several units so that you won’t have to wait for your turn even during busy hours.


Once you are done with the gym, you can just head to the massage room for a relaxing massage service by our expert therapists.


You can find both a private Jacuzzi and a huge indoor Jacuzzi where you can feel relaxed after hours at the gym.

Personal trainer

You can hire a personal trainer who will attend only to your needs. We also have trainers moving around to provide assistance whenever necessary.

Souvenir shop

If you want to buy gym equipment and souvenirs, we have a shop for you.

Nutritional snack bar

Avoid gaining weight not just by exercising but also by eating healthy. We offer a lot of them at our nutritional snack bar.

Dance classes

If you don’t like using the gym equipment and you want to lose weight through dancing, enroll in our dance class. We have different types of dances available at different time slots.

Boxing classes

You may also join the boxing class. We offer basic to advanced boxing lessons.

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